Our Vision

The Edison campus will provide the students of Miami Edison Senior High and feeder schools with a world-class, world-themed, world-focused education, creating graduates who are inventors of their own destinies, preparing them for success in the global society and marketplace in the Third Millennium.

This vision will be realized through the pursuit of four goals:

International: Infusing a global focus into all aspects of Edison education, with particular intensity in the high school’s International Studies and Finance Academy.

Intellect: Implementing an array of rigorous, high-level academic programs through the high school’s College Board Academy.

Ingenuity: Instilling pride and skill in realizing one’s entrepreneurial potential and in serving others, through the high school’s Health and Public Affairs Academy.

Imagination: Inspiring the joy and instilling the discipline of artistic expression to stimulate self-understanding and self-expression, critical thinking, high-level learning and problem-solving, through the high school’s Performing and Visual Arts Academy.

In realizing this vision, Edison will serve as a community hub, engaging neighbors in celebrating the community’s rich history while reinventing and revitalizing the community for prosperity in the Third Millennium.

New Academies

Miami Edison ninth and tenth grade students will have the opportunity to select from FOUR academies. There are strands from which to choose from in each academy. Students will be in an academy elective course, academy English, and academy social studies. This will give teachers the ability to offer interdisciplinary curriculum and offer students the opportunity to develop social and academic friendships to support their high achievement. Read More...

Our Faculty & Staff

Meet the Faculty & Staff

Principal: Trynegwa K. Diggs