Academy Descriptions

Miami Edison ninth and tenth grade students will have the opportunity to select from FOUR academies. There are strands from which to choose from in each academy. Below there are descriptions of each academy. Students will be in an academy elective course, academy English, and academy social studies. This will give teachers the ability to offer interdisciplinary curriculum and offer students the opportunity to develop social and academic friendships to support their high achievement.


• Academics
• Entrepreneurship
• Health Sciences
• Finance
• Language & Humanities
• Art
• Band
• Chorus
• Film


College Board is an academy for students who are highly motivated academically. This academy will challenge high achievers through rigorous coursework in all academic disciplines. Students will be enrolled in Advanced Placement and Honors courses throughout their educational career. This academy can lead to Dual Enrollment through Miami Dade College while in high school and to earn college credit as a high school student. TOP


First Responders are the first persons to arrive at the scene of an incident. In this program, students will apply their knowledge of science and math as they develop skills in basic emergency medical care. After completion of this program, graduates may apply for jobs as dispatchers, ambulance drivers and other emergency services or train for fire fighting and medical fields.

Entrepreneurs are the people who create small businesses to serve needs in their communities. In Entrepreneurship, students will improve their technology skills and study economic and legal aspects of the business world as well as market their services. Students are afforded the opportunity to take dual-enrollment courses with the Miami-Dade Community College, and participate in career shadowing and mentoring. After completion of this program, graduates may apply for jobs in the retail, hospitality, and tourism industries.TOP


Languages and Humanities are the studies that help honor the contributions of all kinds of people to our world. In this program, students will improve their language skills in order to be fully bilingual or trilingual. In this academy, each student takes two International Studies courses in their program language, one emphasizing grammar, vocabulary and writing, and the other will prepare students to communicate orally. They will study geography, history, and the arts of various cultures as they gain an international perspective. After completion of this program, graduates may apply for positions as interpreters.

Finance provides an opportunity for highly motivated students to prepare for careers in the international financial services industry. Students are involved in the fields of banking, mortgage, investing, and accounting. In this program, students will improve their mathematics and other academic skills in bilingual classes as they develop skills in translating for the financial services sector here or internationally. TOP


The Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Academy offers the most opportunities to expand on the talents of each of the students. The VPA Academy offers art, band, chorus, dance, and film. Students will be working along with renowned artists and musicians to build their capacity for the arts. The students in this academy will be integral to school celebrations and community events.

Art is for students who want to develop their skills in drawing, painting and digital design. Students will apply their artistic talents to deepen their knowledge of history and the sciences. Students may create graphics as cartoonists and become illustrators for school publications. After completion of this program, graduates will have a portfolio to use for entrance to art and design programs.

Band is for students who want to study music and play several instruments. Musical composition and arrangement as well as music theory will be taught. Students who learn to read music and work in ensembles are more apt to work in disciplined academic environments.

Chorus is for students who want to develop their individual voice and their ability to work in choral ensembles. Students will improve their literacy and ability to enunciate through the study of lyrics from a broad range of lyricists.

Dance is for students who want to learn to express ideas and emotions through dance forms such as ballet, modern, jazz, folk and hip-hop. Creativity and discipline are emphasized in this program where students will work both individually and in groups.

Film is for students who want to operate equipment for the entertainment and news industry. Students will develop their literacy skills by researching, interviewing, and writing to produce news packages and short films. Work skills and ethics will be strengthened as students experiment with lighting, audio and set design. TOP