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Keeping it Clean


On Saturday, about fifteen Edison students (freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors) came out to the Little Haiti Optimist Club's Keeping It Clean and Green Event. I am SO PROUD of how beautifully they represented our school.  We beautified a house  from 7:30 AM until 2 PM, and really made a difference in the lives of the individuals who own the home.  Our students injected PRIDE into their community.   

Some of the students who participated: Nesly Jean, Dylan St. Felix, Kerry Charles, Samantha Dumel, Shirley (the poet, don't know her last name) , Shyanne Balo, Loukrisha Louissaint, Natasha Moliere, Sarah Appo, Ericka Cadet, Shaudian Bishop, probably some others who I am forgetting ... there were also a couple of DefyIt members, including Bella, their president.

Annette KG 


Miami Edison High School is a Mandatory Uniform School
Scholarly research and professional literature suggest that the implementation of school uniforms leads to increased school safety, improved student behavior and higher academic achievement among students. Furthermore, mandatory school uniform programs often create a sense of identity and belonging among parents, students, faculty and staff of a school, which benefits the entire school community. Uniform Top: red, black or white polo shirt (with a collar). Shirts must be tucked in. Uniform Bottom: black or khaki long pants worn at the waist. No Shorts, Capri Pants or Jeans of any color, will be allowed.

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